Case Study: One Future

Social Care Organisation

I am thrilled to share my experience with THREEDIGITAL and the invaluable guidance they provided to One Future in selecting a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Their expertise, commitment, and unwavering support proved instrumental in revolutionizing our relationship management strategies.

From the very beginning, THREEDIGITAL showcased an impressive understanding of One Future's organisational needs and objectives. Their consultative approach enabled us to navigate the complex landscape of CRM solutions, ensuring we made an informed decision that aligned seamlessly with our long-term vision. Their profound knowledge of the industry and current trends served as a guiding light, helping us choose the most suitable CRM platform for our unique requirements.

THREEDIGITAL's meticulous assessment process was remarkable. They meticulously evaluated our business processes, customer touchpoints, and data management needs. Their keen attention to detail ensured that no aspect of our relationship management was overlooked. They took the time to understand our challenges, pain points, and growth opportunities, empowering us to select a CRM system that addressed them comprehensively.

Throughout the selection process, THREEDIGITAL provided unwavering support, offering valuable insights and recommendations. Their deep understanding of CRM technologies enabled them to identify the most relevant features and functionalities for One Future's specific use cases. They guided us through the maze of options, ensuring that we made a well-informed decision that perfectly aligned with our organisational objectives.

The impact of THREEDIGITAL's guidance on our relationship management practices has been extraordinary. The chosen CRM system has revolutionised the way we engage with our stakeholders, providing us with a centralized hub to manage and nurture our relationships. With comprehensive contact management features, we can effortlessly track interactions, preferences, and engagement history, empowering our team to deliver personalized and targeted communications. This level of insight has allowed us to foster stronger connections, resulting in increased stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty.

Moreover, THREEDIGITAL's assistance extended beyond the selection process. They provided us with invaluable support during the implementation and integration phases, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to our operations. Their expertise was instrumental in setting up the CRM system according to our specific requirements, streamlining our workflows and enhancing overall efficiency.

THREEDIGITAL's dedication to our success is truly commendable. Their ongoing support and availability have been exceptional, promptly addressing any concerns or questions that arose post-implementation. Their commitment to our satisfaction has been unwavering, instilling us with confidence and ensuring that we extract maximum value from our chosen CRM solution.

In conclusion, THREEDIGITAL has been an invaluable partner in One Future's journey to enhance relationship management. Their guidance in selecting the right CRM system has allowed us to centralize our stakeholder interactions, enabling us to nurture and grow our relationships more effectively. I wholeheartedly recommend THREEDIGITAL to any organisation seeking expertise and support in CRM selection and implementation. Their commitment to excellence and customer success is truly unparalleled.


Catherine O'toole
Chief Executive Officer

Digital Strategy, CRM, Uplift

25% increase in clients

100% Satisfied 

Consultant: Glenn Payne