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Assistive Technology

At THREEDIGITAL, we specialise in transforming aged and disability care through innovative Assistive Technology (AT) solutions. Our mission is to assist care providers in establishing their own internal AT services, leveraging our deep understanding of the sector. From personal alarms and smart, safe home systems to advanced clinical telehealth options, including hospital-at-home services, we've got the expertise to enhance your offerings and elevate the quality of care you provide to your clients.

Our Services 

  • Custom Assistive Technology Solutions: Tailored to meet the unique needs of your clients, including personal alarms, smart and safe house technologies.
  • Clinical Telehealth Expertise: Implement cutting-edge clinical telehealth solutions, including hospital-at-home services, to provide comprehensive care remotely.
  • Setup and Integration: Assistance in setting up your own internal AT department, ensuring seamless integration with your existing services.
  • We now how you can fund it through CHSP, HCP, NDIS & GEAT. 

Accelerate Your Offering

With THREEDIGITAL, accelerate your journey towards a more integrated and technologically advanced care offering. Our team is committed to helping you implement AT solutions that not only enhance the independence and safety of your clients but also integrate smoothly with your current services.

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Embrace the future of aged and disability care with THREEDIGITAL. By partnering with us, you're choosing a path of innovation, safety, and enhanced care for your clients. Let's work together to make your AT services a cornerstone of your care offering, ensuring your clients receive the best possible support while also driving your organisation towards profitability.
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What we can help with

Personal Alarms

An affordable, easy-to-use personal alarm system designed for the elderly living alone or apart from their caregivers. It provides a quick way to alert emergency services, ensuring help is accessible even when no one is immediately around. This system offers peace of mind to both users and their families, knowing assistance is just a button press away.

Vital Signs Monitoring 

Virtual nursing uses medical-grade Bluetooth devices such as ECGs, pulse oximeters, and blood pressure monitors to continuously track clients' vital signs. These technologies allows for real-time health monitoring, enabling remote care and quick responses to any changes in a patient's condition, enhancing care efficiency and patient safety.

Safe Homes

Offer your clients a flawless health monitoring experience to enhance their safety comprehensively. With advanced sensors and smart algorithms, these systems serves as a complete protective layer. Thorough monitoring capabilities enables early risk assessment, helping to prevent accidents and reduce the need for hospital visits more effectively.

Smart Homes

Smart home technology enhances safety for vulnerable individuals by integrating devices like motion sensors, automated lighting, and security cameras. These systems monitor and respond to dangers, helping prevent accidents and ensuring help is available when needed. It enables safer, more independent living at home.

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