Case Study: Gladstone Community Linking Agency

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Operational Transformation at Gladstone Community Linking Agency (GCLA)


In the competitive and fast-evolving non-profit sector, operational efficiency and financial stability are paramount. Gladstone Community Linking Agency (GCLA), a prominent service provider, faced significant challenges that threatened these core pillars. The agency was grappling with escalating overtime costs and a lack of operational transparency, primarily due to an inadequately configured client management system. This system failed to integrate with key financial and payroll systems, leading to isolated data silos and cumbersome manual processes. Recognizing the urgency of these issues, GCLA partnered with THREEDIGITAL to overhaul their client management processes. This case study delves into the journey of identifying, implementing, and benefiting from a new client management solution, showcasing the collaboration's success in transforming GCLA's operational landscape.

Problem Statement
GCLA's operational difficulties were multifaceted, stemming from an outdated and misconfigured client management system. This system offered little to no visibility into critical operational areas such as staff rostering and care plan management. The consequences were severe, with overtime costs spiraling to $36,000 fortnightly. Moreover, the lack of integration with finance and payroll systems compounded these challenges, embedding inefficiency and manual errors into the organization's core operations. The disjointed system not only resulted in financial leakages but also posed significant compliance risks and impacted the quality of care provided to clients.

Solution Implementation
The partnership between GCLA and THREEDIGITAL marked the beginning of a transformative journey. The process commenced with an in-depth requirements gathering phase, where THREEDIGITAL engaged with various stakeholders across GCLA to understand the nuances of their operational challenges and objectives. This collaborative approach ensured that the solution was tailor-made to address GCLA's unique needs.

Following the requirements gathering, an exhaustive RFP process was undertaken to select the most suitable technology provider. This phase was critical in ensuring that the chosen solution aligned with GCLA's strategic goals and operational requirements. THREEDIGITAL's expertise was instrumental in guiding GCLA through this selection process, ensuring clarity and alignment at every step.

Once a supplier was selected, THREEDIGITAL spearheaded the implementation phase, emphasizing minimal operational disruption and maximum benefit realization. This phase included rigorous system integration testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), ensuring that the new solution seamlessly integrated with GCLA's existing systems and workflows. THREEDIGITAL's methodical approach to implementation, coupled with their technical expertise, ensured a smooth transition to the new system.


The implementation of the new client management solution ushered in a new era of operational efficiency and financial stability for GCLA. 

Key outcomes included:
  1. Dramatic Reduction in Overtime Costs: Through enhanced rostering visibility and efficiency, GCLA eliminated unnecessary overtime, bringing costs down from $36,000 to $0 within two months post-implementation.
  2. Unified Care Plans and Compliance: The new system provided a cohesive view of care plans, significantly improving care delivery and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  3. Seamless System Integration: Integration with finance and payroll systems streamlined operations, reducing manual errors and improving financial management.
  4. Operational and Financial Efficiency: The elimination of manual processes and the introduction of automated workflows significantly boosted GCLA's operational and financial efficiency.

Reflecting on the project's success, Lisa Fuller, COO of GCLA, lauded THREEDIGITAL's contribution, stating, "Our partnership with THREEDIGITAL has been transformative. The challenges we faced were substantial, but through THREEDIGITAL's expertise and commitment, we have not only overcome these challenges but have also set a benchmark for operational excellence. Glenn and Mel's professionalism and understanding of our needs were outstanding. Their hands-on approach and dedication were key factors in the project's success. I wholeheartedly recommend THREEDIGITAL to any organization looking to enhance their operational systems."

The collaboration between GCLA and THREEDIGITAL exemplifies the profound impact of strategic technological intervention on organizational efficiency and stability. Through meticulous planning, expert implementation, and a focus on tailored solutions, GCLA transformed its operational framework, setting a precedent for operational excellence in the nonprofit sector. This case study underscores the importance of selecting the right partners and leveraging technology to address complex operational challenges, ensuring sustainability and growth in the dynamic nonprofit landscape.

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